Bead Weaving Tutorials and Kits

Brick and Mortar Store Now Closed

We had quite the celebration on our last day of at the brick and mortar store! There was cake, bubbly, and amazing deals. There were lots of hugs and a few tears (there is no crying in beading though, remember?). And now, as I begin shifting my focus towards Laura’s Beads 3.0, I hope you all will continue to take the journey with me and keep watching for new things to come.

Laura’s Beads on Etsy

I have a sketch book full of beaded design ideas that I haven’t been able to take to the mat while simultaneously running the shop, and now I look forward to beginning work on those. Over the coming months I’ll be continuing to expand the Etsy shop with new downloadable patterns and custom bead kits. Kits became increasingly popular during the pandemic because of home delivery, however I think people started to also appreciate having their colors specifically curated for them ahead of time. I also recently added some basic supplies to the site, so keep watching — who knows what interesting things will turn up in the Etsy store!

Click the image below to jump over to the Etsy site:

Where I’m teaching

I’m already enjoying teaching at events and other bead shops in the Tampa area. As I continue to schedule classes I’ll post details here and on Facebook. I’d love to see some of you there!

I’ll also be available to come to you and teach private lessons. They can be either a one-on-one, or for a small group. Keep watching for details on which projects or techniques will be available, as well as rate information. |