Venetian glass is here! Plus other new arrivals…

The Venetian Glass has arrived

These beads are absolutely stunning and as you can see from the photos, the selection is huge! This trunk show is only taking place for 3 days, October 18-20. We’ve put some projects on our calendar that can incorporate these beads just to help you with a little inspiration. They’ll make a gorgeous focal point for your tubular netting or viking knit bracelet, to put between your beaded beads. Don’t miss out on this unique shopping opportunity!

More New Products Recently Arrived

All of the following products are available both at our store and online

Amos par Puca Beads pair neatly with the Paisley Duos, as seen in the latest edition of Bead & Button magazine. There are several projects we’ve got our eyes on that use these flat, teardrop-shaped 2-hole beads, so keep watching.

We been wanting to stock 2mm Firepolish beads for quite some time, but space was our enemy. Not anymore!

Coming up next — a beautiful new line of “Fancy Color-Lined” Delica beads is lined up to be stickered as I write this, so stay tuned!

Upcoming Classes

We’ve also been busy adding classes to our calendar, but didn’t want to try to pack too much into one email, so we’ll send more details on those in the next couple of days. If you don’t want to wait, you don’t have to —  view all the details and sign up right on our website today!

Until next time, have a sparkling week and happy beading!


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